The new elite shirt is a product designed and developed for professional athletes. European standard modeling guarantees performance comfort at the highest levels of competition. The design is more FIT, the sleeves and back have a lot of elastane, which shapes the body silhouette without leaving undesirable leftovers, ensuring aerodynamics and less friction with the air. The new . The elite set is the most used by the largest road and mtb teams in Brazil.


We are a family owned and operated business.

FABRICS | Each region of the shirt received a specific and functional fabric

FRONT : 100% polyester fabric with Xtreme Dry treatment, which transports sweat to the outer layer of the fiber, enhancing evaporation and thermal exchange. It also has UV protection equivalent to a sunscreen factor 50 and bactericidal treatment based on silver that keeps bacteria away, avoiding bad smells and the proliferation of fungi.

SIDES : 100% polyester fabric with Xtreme Dry treatment and micropores that increase the air flow facilitating thermal comfort.

We are a family owned and operated business.

BACK AND SLEEVES: Fabric 86% microfiber polyester and 14% elastane with the function of shaping the body in any situation. It has Xtreme Dry treatment, bactericide and UV +50 protection.

Zipper | The best the market offers

Zipper with grip and STAND BY technology , a smart lock that allows you to control the cursor preventing it from opening on its own and allows opening and closing with just one hand while you are on the move.


In the region of the rear pockets, an exclusive embroidered ERT label is applied, which guarantees the authenticity of your product.


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