The pants are an alternative for very cold days, or places with strong sun, essential for the protection of the skin.

The ERT pants have a modern and bold design, the differentiated cut and anatomical modeling adjusts to the entire length of the legs, ensuring greater comfort and above all safety on the pedal.

FABRICS | Comfort and durability

The fabrics used in making the ERT pants, have the treatments Xtreme Dry , Bactericide and UV +50 protection, in addition to having the renowned Lycra thread in their construction.

PRINTED AREAS (SIDE): Composed of polyester and elastane micro fiber.

MEDIA: The central part that receives the lining is made of polyamide and elastane, which guarantees thermal comfort, resistance and durability.

BRETELLE HANDLES: The fabric of the handles is composed of polyamide and elastane, improving the height adjustment, with micro holes that allow air flow and has a soft touch to the skin, the finish is in a polyamide bias that ensures total comfort on the shoulders .

LINING | Quality standard approved by the main teams in Brazil
There are two options of liners, the DUAL PRO with more impact resistance and allows more hours of pedaling without loss of comfort, and the GEL TECH liner, with a silicone gel plate. Both covered with smart fabric that provides thermal comfort and prevents the proliferation of fungi and bacteria.


In the region of the rear pockets, an exclusive embroidered ERT label is applied, which guarantees the authenticity of your product.

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