The speed obtained on the bicycle makes the body receive constant gusts of wind, causing thermal exchange and loss of body heat. On cold days, if not equipped properly this can be a problem.

The functionality of the windbreaker vest is to prevent gusts of wind from coming into direct contact with your body, protecting your chest and throat. The breathability of the fabric is found at the rear, where there is a perforated fabric screen. Light and practical, the windbreaker can be removed and kept in the shirt pocket if necessary.

Zipper | The best the market offers

Zipper with grip and STAND BY technology , a smart lock that allows you to control the cursor preventing it from opening on its own and allows opening and closing with just one hand while you are on the move.



In the region of the rear pockets, an exclusive embroidered ERT label is applied, which guarantees the authenticity of your product.


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