The sleeves are a versatile and easy to carry accessory. As an alternative to long sleeve shirts, it is of great help in protecting against the sun (ultra violet rays) or in the cold. So we have two versions of this piece, WINTER OR SUMMER.

SUMMER | The summer cuff is made of a fabric with UV protection treatment, equivalent to a factor 50 UPF sunscreen, guaranteeing a time of exposure to the sun of up to 10 hours.

In addition, it has Xtreme Dry treatment , which transports sweat to the outer layer of the fiber, enhancing evaporation and thermal exchange.


WINTER | The winter cuff is constructed with a velvety thermal SMARTH THERMO fabric

Technology exclusively developed to regulate body temperature, ideal for sports on cold days, ensures thermal comfort over a wide range of temperature variations, and still maintains all the functions of a technical fabric.


At the height of the biceps, a silicone rubber band is placed to ensure that the product does not move during the pedal and causes discomfort. This prevents the cyclist from having to interrupt the activity.

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