Located in the city of Juiz de Fora, in the forest area of Minas Gerais, the company emerged in the cycling clothing market in 2009 through its founder Elidio Ribeiro, a former professional cyclist who, uniting his passion for sport and his entrepreneurial eye, saw a promising niche in this area .
He started from the philosophy of offering a quality product with a fair price and accessible to the consumer. This philosophy paid off, and despite its humble beginning, with only 3 employees and a 70 m² space, today ERT Uniformes is one of the most respected companies in the industry, with customers in Brazil, the United States, France, Spain, Portugal and some Mercosur countries. The accelerated growth was not an accident. Being one of the largest in Brazil, ERT carries with it a great identity in the sports market, always acting correctly, meeting deadlines and agreements. This helped to create an association with a quality product and a suitable company that expands to those associated with the brand. Over 10 years with the company, more than 15,000 customized orders have been produced.

Elídio Ribeiro - Founder



ERT UNIFORMES is a company that operates exclusively in the manufacture of cycling uniforms. Our 10 years of dedication brought a specialization and immense know-how in all sectors of the factory, from the first contact of the customer, to the finalization of the product, the whole process is executed as quickly and in the best possible way, which is important for quick negotiation and delivery of the material within the agreed deadline.

One of our biggest concerns is with product quality and customer comfort.
That is why we created the XtremeCool quality seal, which guarantees that all products were developed, produced, tested and approved by industry professionals.
We have advice from athletes like Daniel Rogelin and Hernandes Quadri, consecrated in the Brazilian cycling that has been following our growth closely, testing personally and ensuring that all our products have the quality necessary for the user to enjoy performance and comfort during sports practice.

Our production unit has high technology and performance machinery and the best raw materials in the national market, which together with highly trained employees, return us an average production of 25 thousand pieces per month, and guarantee a low rate of loss due to non-compliance.
Today we have 2600 m² of manufacturing area and 150 direct employees.
In addition, we also have a team of attendants and designers specialized in personalization, thus being able to give greater support to the customer during all stages of the project.


SAC ERT CYCLE SPORT Monday to Friday 07:30 - 17: 30h +55 32 3216-7523

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